Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day Ten: Mi Vida Loca

Just a warning--this is SHEER INDULGANCE.

After today, I will have officially completed one-third of the "30-Day Challenge."  I have to say the biggest challenge has been finding time to complete each blog before midnight.  Typing isn't easy with an 18-pound baby sitting in your lap attempting to pound on the keyboard.  I've managed to get all but one completed before the end of day, though, and can proudly say this one should be posted with a whopping THREE HOURS to spare!

Today's challenge is to post a picture of the person with whom you do the craziest stuff.  Since I don't find myself participating in much craziness now, I had to dig back in my memory a bit and dredge up some of my past hijinks. As not to incriminate anyone, I'll just have to present the pictures along with a few words.  Some are just pictures of the folks and some are actual pictures taken during or right before/after the craziness ensued.  These stretch back all the way to the early days of elementary school because we were crazy little kids, too. 

In no particular order...

Wish she'd been wearing this when she tried to beat down the Mexicans...

This is the one of the few pictures of this crew that isn't incriminating...

Turtle, turtle, turtle (PS We did NOT drink on the school's tab, dangit!)

Pretty sure he got those socks for free at Uptons

Wonder if 3D will make it more interesting to watch me cut a b***h

Motorboats.  Jello.  Going Coyote Ugly.  Oh, and Jenny got married. 

Boys and backroads

Peaceful for once

Elementary craziness involved a poorly hidden gun, pecan pie in our pants, setting a playroom on fire, sneaking out through the attic,  making out at the water fountain, seances, racing three-wheelers, and becoming blood sisters with a piece of broken glass. Oh, and somewhere in the midst of all that we found Jesus. 

Pretty sure Union was glad to see us leave. 

Patton 11 Girls Forever.

Not sure who let these two become bathroom monitors, especially Eva Lee.

Junior high.  A totally different kind of craziness. 

Right before the crap hit the fan.  But that crap fertilized a love that still blooms today.  (WHAT?)

Pretty sure some of you will have your OWN stories about this one. 


Anonymous said...

I did not get the socks but that turtle paid for his sins, believe me. Hehe..

Anonymous said...

Hey, check me out..I'm a damned cowboY...Howdy Howdy Howdy...

Kami Carlson said...

Ah, the "far tar". Gotta take Keith there to initiate him as the lover of a solid West TN gal.