Monday, March 14, 2011

Hunt for Your Dinner

Just for fun (and to see how closely you've been reading), I'll buy dinner for the winner of this contest.  Read on for the RULES:

  • Complete the scavenger hunt and EMAIL your answers to  so that others can't steal your answers  :) 
  • Feel free to use the “Search” option on my blog to find the answers. It will be a very useful tool!  (hint hint)
  • The first TEN people with the correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a $20 restaurant gift card (restaurant will need to either be near where I live OR sell their gift cards online)

1. Exactly how much time passed between my water breaking and my daughter making her grand entrance into the world?

2. For which birthday did my husband throw me a surprise party?

3. How long will I have been married on September 1st of this year?

4. I have two pretty serious phobia and have dedicated blogs to both. What are they?

5. I’ve posted pictures that make me smile and make me laugh, but one is my very favorite picture. Who is In it?

6. Regardless of how many people consume it, what substance do I deem unnatural since it triggers my gag reflex?

7. What are my momma and daddy’s middle names?

8. What is my #2 favorite place to get ice?

9. What is the narrator’s name in my story that was featured on NPR’s website?

10. What was the title of the 2nd blog I ever posted on BWC?

11. Where do my husband and I traditionally eat on our anniversary?

12. Which album have I bought five times?

13. Which former First Lady inspired me to treat my spouse more like I treat my friends?

14. Which teacher inspired me in both 4th and 5th grade?

15. Who wrote my favorite book to teach my students?