Friday, September 27, 2013

Our Newest Addition

Our family grew by one today when we adopted a six-month old pointer puppy from the pound (say that five times fast).  There is absolutely no logical reason for us to do this considering (A) we already have two senior citizen dogs, (B) we aren't currently living in a house with a fenced in yard, (C) my husband works seven 12-hour midnight shifts in a row, and (D) I only three days ago got my toddler officially house brok... I mean, potty trained.

So why on earth would I agree to take on a new puppy?

I can't explain it.

The picture that started it all
Last night, someone shared a picture of the puppy on Facebook.  The puppy was in another town where I have friends (and where my husband works).  I re-shared the picture  nd even tagged my husband, never dreaming he would even consider getting her since we'd agreed no more dogs for the time being.  We'd even told our little girl she'd have to wait until next year.

This morning, my husband said he wanted to go and look at the puppy.  He fell in love with her sweet little face and wanted to meet her.  We've always had a heart for dogs, especially the ones people throw away, but I knew it was going to add more responsibliity to my plate.  I didn't protest, though, and immediately called the pound to inquire as to whether or not the dog was still available.

I was told that she was still there, but that we would not be eligible to adopt her since the ACO who brought her in labeled her a "pit" on her chart.  Anyone adopting a pit is required to have a fence check. Since we live in another town, we wouldn't be able to meet the requierments.  I told the woman at the pound that I didn't believe the puppy was pit--and she even agreed--but said that it's not up to her to change the breeds.

I took to Facebook, posting our problem underneath her picture.  I found out that people had already started sending emails in an effort to get her breed changed.  I also sent an email that included pictures of pointer pups, asking for a chance to adopt her.  Within an hour, I received a message that she had been "relabeled."

The first picture he sent when he met her
I called my husband and he went to the pound immediately.  He called me to tell me how sweet and calm she was and how he thought she'd do well with our daughter and dogs.  I could tell he was very excited.  To sweeten the deal, she'd already been vaccinated, spayed and microchipped.  I put my worries aside and told him I was okay with him adopting her and bringing her home.

Taking a well-deserved nap in the quiet hotel room

He signed the paperwork, paid the adopton fee, and headed to Petco to get her some gear.  Right now, he has her back at the hotel with him.  We will get to meet her Sunday when we go to visit, and then she'll come home with him on Tuesday.  I'm super nervous but excited.  She won't make my life easier, but I know she'll make it fuller.

More details and pictures soon!

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