Thursday, September 10, 2009

How baby's got here! (An Essay)

Original spelling, punctuation, capitalization and grammar have been preserved. At least I know it wasn't plagiarized.

How baby's got here. First you have to talk to the opposite sex, for about five mouths too a year. You also must really know a lot about this other person. That you say you're in love with. Before the big baby BOOM, for it to even work at All. You also have too have respect and trust for them. I'm telling you, if you Don't have that then teh god's and angles. Will know and, not bless you with This baby boy or girl which ever your hard desierer. What I mean by that is if you Do waht you're told and go by the rules. You may hve what ever you want in a Child from black, white or mixed to fat, skinny or tall but, you must do wha tyou Told like the god's said! Now the rules to the big BOOM! Lesson up females Because this is all you have too do in order to get the baby you been longing for. All you have to do is. Close your eyes put an arch in your back. Pleace your hands On his back. Now males this is all you have to do. It's a little more then what Your women had to do. Lesson up run your hands throw her long hair, Place your Hands around her waste. Tell her how sexy she smell and how soft her body is. Then you go in for the kill go to you can't go anymore. Go for about 45 min to an Hr for the long pashed kiss! BOTTA BING BOTTA BOOM! You have your baby Within 6 weeks.