Thursday, November 24, 2011

November 24

Well, today is Thanksgiving.  It's been a wonderful but very busy day, so this post won't be very long.  Here's a quick rundown:
  • Woke up and got Peanut and me ready (which took longer than I expected because that little stinker has outgrown half of her wardrobe seemingly overnight!!!)
  • Loaded car while my parents played with Peanut.
  • We all headed to my husband's grandmother's house an hour away to have lunch with his family (he had to work unfortunately)
  • Spent time visiting with the family.
  • Drove back home to drop off food for Hubby
  • Drove half an hour to visit my grandmother
  • Came home, got Peanut ready for bed, and COLLAPSED ON THE COUCH
I love being able to see so many people I love in one day, but it is super tiring to do that much driving.  So I'll just wrap this up by telling you a few things I'm specifically thankful for today:

  • Peanut is healthy and is growing and developing
  • I have so many loving people in my life
  • My husband's family is so warm and welcomed my parents like they were part of the family
  • Lots and lots and lots of yummy food
  • Peanut's behavior in the car and while visiting my Nani
  • Getting to come home to my husband at the end of the day 

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!  I now return you to our regularly scheduled blogging.  

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23

This may be kind of "rambly" because I'm functioning on virtually NEGATIVE sleep.

So I mentioned last night that I hit my head while out with my friends.  It was kind of embarrassing, so I didn't tell the whole story.  Basically, I was laughing and cutting up and I rocked forward.  I slammed my head into plastic tea glass on the table.  The glass didn't tip over, though, it just stopped my head very quickly.  When it happened, I saw stars for a moment and my head was almost immediately sore.  It passed, though, and I went home with the beginnings of a nice little knot.  

A few hours later, I started getting a terrible headache on the side of my head closest to the "point of impact."  It wasn't one of my usual headaches, and John was concerned that I could have given myself a concussion.  He talked me into going to the ER and getting checked out.  The problem was that it was 1 AM, and there was NO WAY I was dragging Peanut out of the bed and taking her to the ER.  He suggested calling my mom, but she was sick.  He suggested calling his mom, but she lives an hour away and it was the middle of the night.  We finally decided that he would stay here with Amelia and get a little rest (he had to work today) and I would ask my brother to drive me to the ER.  My brother--the dear he is--agreed and was at my house in less than 15 minutes.

We got the ER and there was almost no one there unless you counted the half dozen cops buzzing around the waiting area and parking lot.   It took awhile for the nurses to call me back to triage, and it was there I learned that a gunshot victim had been brought in shortly before I arrived.  They assured me I was safe (not that I was worried) and told me it would be best if I sit off in the corner by myself to "stay out of the mess."  I wasn't sure what they meant until the gunshot dude's "entourage" arrived at the hospital.  They had all come from a bar and were riled up about their friend.  

I ended up not having to wait for long.  Once I got to my room and explained what happened (totally awkward), the doctor told me I "could have just gone to sleep at home" but told me she would order a CT scan since she realized "it was the only way any of us would actually get any rest."  She didn't say this in a supportive or comforting way.  More like a "why are you people wasting my time" way.  Whatever.  

I spent my time waiting chatting with my brother who made me feel better and helped take my mind off my headache (and how exhausted I was).  They finally did the CT and then I waited awhile longer (I fell asleep at some point).  

Not that many new pictures of us
and this is much cuter :)
They looked at my head and discovered that (A) I have a brain and (B) it was okay.  The doctor then asked me if I wanted something for pain, but I told her "no" since I refused to let her think I was there seeking.  Then she insisted on giving me something to take before I left.  I finally told her to do whatever she thought best, so she had the nurse give me a fioricet in one of those little ketchup cups.  She also gave me a prescription for more fioricet.  No idea why when I said I didn't need them.  

I got back home 2 1/2 hours later, not bad for a trip to the ER right around the holidays.  I finally went to bed this morning at about 5:00 AM and managed to get a few hours of sleep before Peanut woke up.  I feel like crap today, but at least I know my head is okay.

Today I'm thankful for my mostly functioning brain and my awesome brother.  He drove me to the ER, stayed with me, and seemed happy to do it.  Made this crappy night much less crappy.  

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November 22

I have long said that teachers make some of the best friends.  Maybe it's because we understand each other's struggles better than anyone.   Maybe it's because we spend so much time at school that we don't have time to make any other friends.   Hell, maybe it's because we're all a little nuts and speak some strange moon language only known by educators.  All I know is that over the past ten years, 95% of my closest friends have been other teachers.

I left the classroom a year-and-a-half ago to stay at home with Peanut.  I love being a SAHM, but I do sometimes miss teaching.  I especially miss seeing my friends on a daily basis.  I worked with some awesome women, and I am so thankful that they are a part of my life.  

I was able to spend a few hours with three of these ladies tonight.  My face hurts from laughing (and my head from smacking it on the table WHILE I was laughing), and I feel like my "grown up conversation" tank is full again.  Whenever we get together, there's no TELLING what we will say. In a fifteen minute period, it may be serious, hysterical, silly, perverted, dark, political, or loud... well, it's pretty much always loud.  Our conversations tonight included (not necessarily in this order) education, oral sex, religion, ghosts, politics, high school, weight loss, assholes (the people, not the actual... um... holes), racism, and marijuana.  And even when we disagreed, we laughed.   

My toddler is a HOOT to be with, but I I won't lie and say I don't crave adult time.  I sorely needed to see these gals' faces tonight and to reconnect with them once again.  

Love my "lushous" ladies  *wink wink*  I am thankful for each and every one of you!

Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21

I got to see my older sister today for the first time in over a year, and Peanut got to meet her for the very first time.   My three older siblings are in Florida and Utah, so we don’t see each other much.  I appreciate these rare occasions when any of us can be together.  

Gina and I only had a few hours to visit, but it was great to catch up and spend some time together.  We went to lunch with our Daddy and then came back to my house to relax.  Peanut had so much fun playing with her Aunt Gina… and so did I!  We are thankful she came to see us today!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 20

I don’t tend to be a person who loves “stuff” but I think I have feelings for my DVR.  If my DVR were a person, I’d take it out behind the bleachers and make out with it.  Since we limit Peanut to a very small amount of television, we rarely watch anything while she’s up.  And to be honest, I’m not sure we watch more than a show or two that would actually be appropriate for her.   My DVR is a loyal little friend, recording my favorite shows and letting me watch whenever it’s convenient.  I can neglect my DVR for days and then show up at 1 AM to watch “Sister Wives.”  My DVR is always there for me, accepting that I am selfish and needy.  Thank you, DVR, for you dedication to my television watching habits.  Because of you, I can be a good mommy and watch The Walking Dead  in 45 minutes without commercials.  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 19

 I started reading The Hunger Games tonight.  I’m about 75 pages in and it is very, very good.  Since Peanut arrived, I've done very little reading outside of magazine articles and the news.  I’m determined to start reading again and to work my way through the massive pile of books on my nightstand (in all honesty, they could BE another nightstand).   I’m not sure how I’ll balance reading and writing since I already struggle to find time to do the latter, but I’ll figure it out.  I am realizing more and more than it is essential to make time for myself, even if it ‘s only a few minutes each day.   I think I’ve avoided picking up a book in my spare time because I like to be able to read until I’m ready to stop.  I have to accept, though, that my days of reading until the wee hours of morning are over for awhile.  I have to take what I can get, even if it’s 15 minutes before bed or 5 minutes in a drive thru.  Perhaps I need to choose my books more carefully and focus on novels with shorter chapters so that I can get to a “stopping place” more quickly while I’m reading.  So for today, I am thankful for good books and for finding the time to read one of them.   

Friday, November 18, 2011

November 18

We have the most fun in our
 mismatched pajamas
Since John has to work this weekend (Boooo!!!)  he was off today.   It really makes me miss when he used to work four-day weeks.  Those four days were long for him, but at least he got three whole days at home.  And to be honest, he didn’t work any longer on those four days than he does now on a five day schedule!  Anyway, the three of us got to be home together today, and it was so nice.  I am so thankful for being able to spend the day with my precious little family.  We didn’t really do that much, but those are my favorite days.  I want to treasure these days because I know a time will come where they will be so few and far between.  Once Peanut goes to school and I go back to work, we will only have the weekends.  And I know those will be busy, busy, busy.  For now, though, I am going to cherish every second with the two people in this world I love most.  

Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17

My bestie and I see each other all time, but it is usually when we have anywhere between two and four kids with us.   We enjoy our time together and with the kids, but sometimes it’s so nice to have girl time that doesn’t involve sippy cups, time-outs, and dirty diapers.  Back in August, Tiffy’s husband bought her two tickets to see one of her favorite singer/songwriters, Chris Tomlin.  Since her hubby isn’t a big fan of Chris, I got to go with her to the concert tonight.  We had a yummy dinner at Huey’s (seriously my favorite burger ever) and then had a great night of singing and fun.  I am so thankful that we had this night together and hope our next night out doesn’t take so long to arrive.  People always talk about needing “us” time with spouses, but our friendships need that nurturing, too, especially once we have children and focus our time and energy on them.   I love my bestie and am so thankful for her!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16

Yesterday I talked about needing one-piece, footed pajamas for my Peanut.  Without going into detail, I needed them  because I had to apply medicine to her entire little body (even her hands) and then cover her for eight hours.  I actually sewed gloves into her pajamas so that she wouldn’t get the medicine in her mouth (it was that or duct tape and I didn’t trust her not to rip off the duct tape and eat it).  All day yesterday I was a nervous wreck every time I thought about what I’d have to last night.  Peanut is prone to flopping around like a fish and/or running away when I try to change her diaper or put butt paste on a diaper rash.  In my head I could picture her Daddy and I having to hold her down while we rubbed in the medicine.  I was convinced she would fight us while we put her pajamas on and that she would tear at the gloves.   I spent most of the day cuddling her and apologizing in advance for the trauma we would both have to experience.  So today I am thankful to say that everything when very well last night.  Peanut took her bath early and didn’t try to run from me when I took her to her bedroom.  She say relatively still while I rubbed on her medicine, and her Daddy only had to hold her hands for me.  She actually seemed to like her pajamas.  Even the gloves didn’t faze her—she acted like she didn’t even notice them!  She played for awhile and then climbed up on the couch to watch a little Yo Gabba Gabba with us.  She slept all night long and didn’t get up until close to 10:00 this morning!   I guess it was silly to get so worked up, but even changing her diaper can be enough to make me start drinking again.  I am so thankful that she handled it like a champ.  Love that baby girl.  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15

Today I am thankful for my sweet, funny, gorgeous friend Sheree who kept me from having to drive to Walmart in the cold rain with a sniffly toddler to pick up ONE item.   She saw my status on Facebook about needing to buy one-piece, footed pajamas with a zipper.  Someone had left a comment that Wal-Mart carries them.  Peanut’s nose has been running and she’s been kind of fussy today, so I hated the thought of dragging her to Wal-Mart in the freezing rain.   I needed the pajamas this evening (long story) so that unfortunately looked like my only option.  But without me asking, Sheree not only checked on the pajamas, but also bought and delivered them to my house!  I’m going to have Peanut write her a nice “thank you” note.  Okay, I’ll write it, but I’ll let Little Bit carry it around and wipe her loving all over it  :)  

Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14

I’m not an “extreme” couponer like those featured on TV, but I do like to clip coupons and save a little money.  On Sunday afternoon, I usually organize my coupons, browse the circulars in the paper, inventory my pantry/cabinets, and make a shopping list.  Then I go shopping on Monday before the good deals are gone, snatched up by shoppers who feel the need to buy two dozen toothbrushes or 28 boxes of Ritz crackers.  Today’s trip involved three stores:  Target, Kroger, and Walgreens.   If you have a small child, you probably know how challenging any sort of shopping can be.  Peanut is generally a good girl when we shop; she’s good-natured, friendly to everyone she sees, and rarely cries or whines.  But even when she’s being sweet, she can still be a challenge.  I have to be cautions when I “park” my cart or she’ll grab anything on the shelf that she can reach.  She also likes to play with items in the cart and will sometimes toss them in the floor.  The worst, though, is that she wants to grab at my coupons which often results in her wadding them up, tearing them, or pretending she’s a billy goat and eating them.  It is because of this behavior that I especially dread days like today when I need to make multiple stops. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

November 13

Christmas is coming which means this Momma can add about a million more things to her already lengthy “to do” list.  One of my biggest tasks is to buy Christmas presents for about 186 people.  And that, my friends, is why I am more than a little thankful for online shopping.  While I am nowhere NEAR being finished, I have managed to cross off quite a few gifts from my list without leaving the comfort of my couch or office chair.  Today I am especially thankful for the great deal Toys R Us is running.  I got over half of Amelia’s Christmas presents bought for cheap AND I didn’t pay shipping. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 12

So it looks like today’s “thanks” will be pretty trite, but it’s the little things that make me happy so often.

As anyone on Facebook knows, the most recent batch of changes that took place left quite a few people pretty pissed off.  It seems that Facebook now thinks it knows what is best for us and will determine what we read first (or at all).  I’m not sure if today’s developments are due to the public outcry (i.e. online petitions and angry status updates), but I am definitely thankful to see the option to order my newsfeed CHRONOLOGICALLY instead of “by importance.”  Perhaps now I won’t miss my friends’ updates that I actually want to read just because Facebook arbitrarily declares them “less important” than other updates. 
I’m also thankful that Red Robin brought back Zukes and ‘Shrooms.  Okay, not the ‘shrooms, just the zukes. ‘ Shrooms are kind of nasty. Zukes are a like an orgy in my mouth. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10

Well, no miraculous recovery.  Thanks for nothing, Max.

I am now on Day Four of Bacterial Infection 2011 and it SUUUUUCCCKKKKSSSS.  It started out with a sore throat, then turned into a sore throat and sinus drainage, and then turned into the sinus headache from Hell and very angry ears.  Fortunately, my head has cleared how and I’m not longer in pain.  Unfortunately, it’s all traveled to my chest and I’ve developed a painfully unproductive cough.  I’ve run a low-to-mid- grade fever on and off since Monday night, which has made me feel draggy and cold.  I’m so ready to get over this mess and get back to normal.  Being sick is absolutely not conducive to being a SAHM.  I’ve been lucky that my toddler has been in a relatively good mood and has wanted to snuggle the past few days (except that means she also wants to be RIGHT IN MY FACE).  My hubby was off work yesterday which allowed me to get some extra rest, too.  While I’ve been parked in the recliner, though, it’s given me ample time to stare at all the dog hair in the floor, to think about how little food (or milk or juice or…anything) there is in my fridge, and to reflect on the lack of quality children’s programming on television.  My poor child has watched more TV in the past few days that she’s watched in her entire life, and if it weren’t for programs saved on the DVR, I’m convinced her brain would be total mush by now. 

It’s hard to come up with a post for today since I feel pretty wretched (coughing 'til you puke, anyone?), but I have to say I’m thankful for the time I’ve been able to spend with my little one.  Being sick forces me to do nothing but hang out with her and get my snuggles on, and I think that’s been good for both of us (except the TV part).  

I’m also thankful for prescription cough syrup.  Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition Poly-Tussin! 
I'm sick and crabby.  Deal with it.

P.S.  I promise that tomorrow's post will not be about being sick.  Unless my arm falls off or some crazy crap like that happens. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 9

Wonder if he WOULD rather starve now...

Today I am thankful for Chick-fil-a, Dominos Pizza, and McDonalds, for without them my family would have starved.  I sincerely hope that tomorrow I get to be thankful for my miraculous recovery from this malady.   That’s all folks. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8

I am full-blown sick today.  When the Hubby got home from work this evening, I decided to go to the urgent care clinic and get a flu test.  When I arrived at the clinic to which I normally go, they said that all the rooms were full.  There were also a dozen or more patients ahead of me in the waiting room.  I filled out my paperwork and sat down, pulling out my phone to piddle on and pass the time.  Within a few minutes I was freezing and feeling even worse than when I arrived.  They hadn’t called a single name.  I text the Hubby and asked him if he’d call another clinic to see how long the wait was.  It was going to be 30-40 minutes at the 2nd clinic.  He suggested going to the walk-in clinic he uses each month.  I hesitated because I knew it would mean filling out new patient material, but he assured me they would be fast.  He called the clinic and found out there was no wait, so I got in the car and headed that way.  Thirty minutes later, I was walking out to my car with a diagnosis and prescription—and that half hour included filling out paperwork, getting blood work and seeing the doctor.  As I drove by the 1st clinic, I wondered if I’d still be in the waiting room had I stayed.  So today I am thankful for the Family Care Walk-In Clinic and their awesome staff.  They got me in and out and home to my family before Peanut was in bed.  Hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow because today has been tough.  I’m NOT thankful for the 6:45 wakeup call I got from Peanut this morning.  Damn you, end of Daylight Savings!

Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7

I was supposed to meet my parents at the Ag Center today to take some Fall pictures of them and Peanut, but I spiked a fever to go with my sore throat that started yesterday.  I told them if they’d like, they could just come to my house and we could take some pictures in my backyard and at my neighbor’s house (she’s the “Yard of the Month” winner and her fall decorations are lovely).   Peanut is getting to where she has little interest in having her picture made if it means she has to pose or sit still in one place.   
 I had no idea how she’d handle the pictures today.  While she was a little wiggly, I managed to get some very sweet pictures of her with "Nana and Pawpaw."  

As I’ve mentioned in past posts,  one of my most fervent prayers is that my Daddy stays healthy—both physically and mentally—long enough for my little girl to know him and remember him.  He’s already changed so much, so I hope that by the time she is old enough to really understand who he is and to begin making memories of him that he hasn’t gotten too feeble.    I have no way of knowing what the future holds, though, so days like this—and pictures like these—are so special to me because I am creating a history for my daughter.  And to be honest, I feel a little bit like this about all of the pictures we make.  It’s easy to fear old age or sickness or dementia, but we never know when someone we love could be suddenly taken away.  People on Facebook probably think I’m nuts to post so many pictures of my child and her “entourage” (ha ha), but I want to make sure that my Peanut gets to see all the fun she had as a baby and toddler—and all the people with whom she had that fun.  

So for today, I’m thankful for another set of fun, precious pictures with people I love.  And I’m thankful for each day my Daddy is still the Daddy I know.    Though there have been some very dramatic changes, there is still a lot of spark left.  I pray it keeps burning bright for many years to come. 

A few more I will treasure...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6

Peanut and I had lunch today with my husband’s family at his Memaw’s house.   His mom has four sisters and all of them live in the same town (as do all of the grandchildren with the exception of us).  Most of them attend the same church, and they all congregate at Memaw’s house every Sunday for lunch.  They take turns making the main dish and everyone brings a side, making special dishes and desserts when it’s someone’s “birthday week.”    It’s always very laid back and informal, with lots of talking and laughter.  They’re a loud bunch of folks which means I fit right in.   In the 10+ years I’ve been a part of their family, there have been births and funerals, weddings and graduations.   We’ve celebrated many holidays and birthdays together and watched the children grow and flourish.  Whether it is a crisis or a celebration, they are always there for one another.   Several years ago when John’s first cousin was having a baby, the family congregated in the waiting room of the hospital, awaiting his arrival.  That same evening, there was a family of Irish Travellers (or Gypsies as some people call them) in the waiting room with us.  They were dressed in extravagantly tacky clothing, especially the little girls who wore full makeup and armfuls of bracelets.  There were at least two dozen of them, and they had brought coolers of food and drinks for everyone in the group.  My husband’s family thought the Travellers were odd and commented that they had “taken over” the waiting room.  When I had my daughter, though, I had to wonder if people thought the same about “my” family as they swarmed the waiting room and—eventually—my hospital room.  Though they don’t dress  in flashy clothing or bring coolers, they definitely travel in a “pack” and definitely leave their mark wherever they go. They are an incredible group of people and are blessed to be related to one another.  Today I am so thankful to have married in to such a close-knit family who treats me like I’m one of their own.  I often hear people gripe about their in-laws and the families into which they married, so I feel incredibly fortunate to be part of a family who has made me feel welcome and loved. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5

I have always taken for granted that grandparents are all mostly the same.  Some are a little older, some are a little more spry, some like to buy spoil, some like to pass down their knowledge and skills.  All in all, though, I’ve always assumed that grandparents are crazy about their grandkids and want to be a big part of their lives.  This theory was confirmed when I gave birth to my daughter.  All six of her grandparents came to the hospital—and not just after she was born.   I was in labor for about 26 hours and they were there for most of it, even spending the night in the waiting room.  Once my daughter made her grand entrance (and as soon as I pulled myself together and gave the green light), they swarmed the delivery room.  And it’s pretty much been that way ever since.  The first week or two after we came home from the hospital, I don’t think there was a single day that we didn’t have some combination of the grandparents in our home.  And in the year that has followed, they have continued to be a steady and important part of my daughter’s life.  I suppose some people would be annoyed to constantly have their parents and/or in-laws around, but I am so thankful that they love my little girl so much and want to be involved in her life.  See, it turns out that not all grandparents go out of their way to spend time with their offspring’s offspring.  I have been surprised—and kind of saddened—by how many people have told me that their parents or in-laws rarely see the grandchildren and don’t make it a priority to spend time with them.  Now, I’m not referring to people who are separated by hundreds or even thousands of miles and literally can’t be a school recitals or summer picnics.  These are grandparents who could be involved more than they are but choose not to be.  I’m sure they love their grandchildren but for some reason they’re either just too busy or too focused on other aspects of their lives.  And I’m not saying there’s necessarily anything wrong with not seeing grandchildren often.  Everyone views family and relationships differently and quantity of time may not be as important to some people as quality of time.  I’m not judging people who don’t go out of their way to see their grandkids; heck, maybe my daughter’s grandparents go overboard.  All I know is that I am thankful that my little girl has grandparents who are totally crazy about her and want to see her as much as possible.  As she gets older, I want to make sure she understands how blessed she is and how appreciative she should be of these people who would do anything for her.  Since her grandparents have always been there, I don’t want her to take for granted that they have to be there.  They choose to be a part of her life and to make her a huge part of theirs.  I’m also thankful that they are also involved in my life and John’s life, too.  Everyone jokes about how the parents become “invisible” once the baby arrives, and I admit that the focus does shift.  But John and I know that our parents are there for us, too.  Having a child has only strengthened our bonds with them. 

So to Nana, Pawpaw, Grammy and Pappy-- thank you for loving my little Peanut and thank you for loving us. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4

This one will be rather short.  I’m tired and want to spend the last couple of hours of my “family day” with my hubby.

Today I am thankful for DJ Lance Rock, Muno, Toodee, Foofa, Plex, Brobee and all of the Yo Gabba Gabba family.   For her birthday back in August, we bought tickets to take Peanut to Yo Gabba Gabba Live.  The show was today at 4:00, and it was incredible!  Seriously, I may have had more fun that even she did.  Judging from the looks some parents gave me when I sang every song, I’m pretty certain I’m not the average “parent fan.”  But Peanut did have a blast herself. 
The show started the same way it does on television, except on a giant screen.  Peanut was pretty excited about that.  But when DJ Lance walked out of the screen and onto the stage?  I so wish I had a picture.  Her mouth was wide open and she had this look like, “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME OH MY GOSH THAT IS DJ LANCE ON THE STAGE RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME I THINK I MAY THROW UP!!!”  Alright, I may be reading a little into it, but she was super excited.  She loved the whole show. 
Imagine this look times about 3 billion...
We danced and wiggled and giggled and sang—and that was just her daddy and me! 
So I’d like to say a big “thank you” to everyone in Yo Gabba Gabba Live for a great show.  You gave us a great family day together and I am so thankful for the memories we’ve made. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3

Up to something in her daddy's hat...
My little girl is 15 months old today.  It’s both exciting and a little sad to quite literally watch time pass before our eyes as she grows.  I’ve now celebrated my birthday with her twice, as has my husband.  We went trick-or-treating for the second time earlier this week.   Each day, she gets a little faster, a little smarter, a little more vocal.  We never know what she is going to repeat, so the filters are firmly in place until she’s sound asleep.   I’m amazed at how funny and clever she can be, even at her age.  I’m even more amazed to see a reflection of myself in her funny faces and funky attitude.
I took her for a checkup and a flu shot today.  She weighed just a tad less than 25 pounds, though I could swear she’s closer to 40.  At least that’s how it feels once she’s been on my hip for two or three minutes.  They also measured her height.  She was 31.5 inches, but when the nurse wrote it on my form to take home, it said “2 feet, 7.5 inches.”  I almost cried.  It’s the first time they’ve ever written down her height in FEET instead of inches.  I guess now that she’s walking, that’s appropriate.  It is still a big reminder that my baby is a now a toddler. 
She’s in the 75th percentile for weight and height, and the doctor said she’s healthy and developing just as she should.  He seemed a bit impressed that she sleeps as long and heavily as she does at night (12-13 hours, sometimes a little more) so I assured him I’m not slipping her a Mickey with her dinner.   My little girl just plays hard all day—and I mean ALL day.  She goes and goes and goes nonstop, so she needs a long night of sound sleep, I guess.  (I am thankful for this since it means I’ve been getting to sleep until NINE!)
Because of Facebook, I frequently hear stories about babies and children who are sick or hurting.  Rarely a week goes by that I don’t have friends or acquaintances asking for prayer for a baby born too early, a toddler who has been in a terrible accident, or a child diagnosed with cancer.  And then there’s the less severe illnesses—the flu, strep, a broken bone.   Meanwhile, my Peanut has never been sick outside of a stuffed up nose or slight fever while teething.  She’s had bumps and bruises and even a busted lip once, but her only trips to the doctor have been for checkups and vaccinations.  I am so thankful today that my little girl has been healthy these past fifteen months.  I am also thankful that she’s growing and developing physically, mentally and emotionally.  So often we take for granted when our children take their first steps or say new words or even behave during a meal.  These are things we consider “normal,” things we expect them to do.  But for so many children, these are milestones that are cause for celebration.  A first step may very well be a miracle.  “Mama” may be the result of hours and hours of speech therapy.   We don’t always know what burdens the parents we encounter are carrying. 
I am so thankful for my Amelia, my rambunctious, independent, fierce little Peanut.  I somehow love you more each day. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November 2

9:00 -   Amelia wakes up.  I change her diaper and put her in her high chair.

9:10 - 9:45 – She throws her scrambled egg in the floor, pitches her cup of milk at me and chants, “UP! UP! UP” at the top of her lungs (“up” is her word for anytime she wants to be unrestrained or set free)
9:45 – 12:00 – Amelia cries and screams pretty much non-stop.  Normally, she’s a fairly resilient, even-tempered kid, rarely crying even when she falls down.  Not today.  Nope, she cries when she falls.  She screams when she runs into the cabinet.  She cries when she drops her toys.  She screams when I tell her to stay out of the dogs’ water bowl.  She walks over to her high chair and cries as she tries to climb it.  She screams when I pick her up and put her in the high chair.  She cries for Cheerios.  She cries when she eats the Cheerios.  She cries when I pick her up.  She cries when I put her down.  She screams when I leave the room.  She cries when I come back.  Cry, cry, cry.  Scream, scream, scream.  And after 2+ hours, all I want to do is cry and scream. 
Finally, she walks over to me and lays her head on my leg.  I reach down and pet her a little.  Then she bites the piss out of me.  I jump and yelp.  She—of course—screams.  I pick her up and lean her back.  Sure enough, there’s yet another tooth coming in.  I haul her to the bathroom, screaming in my ear, and give her a dose of Ibuprofen.  I rub her gums down in Orajel and pop a pacifier in her mouth (let me do an early "thanks" here for Orajel). We go to her room and rock until she’s still and only whimpering.  I ease her into bed with her lovey, Sassy, and cover her up.  She whines as I leave the room but is soon quiet. 
12:45 – She is screaming like a banshee.  I don’t usually check on her immediately if she wakes up and cries, but she sounds like someone is pulling off her toenails.  I go in and she tries to climb the crib to get to me.  We rock again.
1:15 – She finally stops sobbing and put her back to bed to finish her nap.  By this time, I feel like I’ve ingested a brick and my whole body is tense and sore.  I’m quite certain I will suffer from mild PTSD brought on by the past four hours. 
1:30 – In the shower with the water turned up as hot as I can stand it, praying that the only thing I hear over the monitor for awhile is the sound of Amelia’s noise machine.  It’s so hard to see and hear my daughter suffer and hurt.  I remind myself that she only has a few more teeth to go, thankful that this is one cross we won’t bear for much longer—and thankful that I have a sweet-natured, tough little cookie who is an absolute dream to be with 99% of the time.  Perhaps that’s why days like this seem especially hard and tiring.  It seems I’ve found the downside to a good kid. 

November 1

I ran by Walgreens today to pick up a couple of things and check out the Halloween clearance sale.  There was a woman in the Halloween aisle who seemed quite flustered.   She was probably mid-50s, nicely dressed, and spoke with that “Old South” drawl that generally ignores the letter “r.”  She was talking to herself as she rummaged through the shelves, not a crazy kind of talking to herself, just the kind many of us do when we’re on a mission.  I watched her for a few moments, mostly because she was blocking the aisle and I had nothing else to do.  Finally she brushed past me and walked off to another part of the store.  I grabbed a Reese’s pumpkin and a Dora coloring book that were on clearance and walked toward the back of the store to finish my shopping.  As I made my way down the main thoroughfare in the middle of the store, the woman hustled around a corner, followed by one of the WAGS employees. 

“Now I need you to come back heah and help me find those decorations.  They wuh heah yestah-day, and I want them now that they ah half price.” 
I could tell the employee was already worn out by the woman.  I gave her a small smile and shook my head.  She sighed. 
A couple of minutes later, I decided to go back and grab another Halloween item I’d been debating.  The woman was still looking for her decorations.  She now had not one but TWO employees at her service—the first I saw with her and a second young lady.
“I just don’t undah-stand wheah they went.  They wuh heah yestah-day.”
The newest “assistant” attempted to reason with her.
“Ma’am, we had a lot of people come in here yesterday evening at the last minute.  And we’ve had a lot of people shopping today.  Maybe someone bought them”
“Well, you had quite a few of them.  Shuhly they ah not all gone.”
“It’s very possible, ma’am.”
“This is just ridiculous.  Would the other Walgreens still have them?”
“I’m not sure, ma’am.  It’s possible.  Sometimes our stock is a little different, though.”
“Different?  That doesn’t even make sense.  Ahn’t you both Walgreens?”
By now, the original employee had walked away, quite possibly afraid that she would be permanently affected by the insanity.  The second employee had little choice but to stick it out.
“Would you like me to call and see if they have it?  They could hold it for you.”
“Finally, a good idea.  Yes, call them.”
“Could you tell me exactly what it is you are looking for, ma’am?”
“Those things that go on tables.”
“Which things specifically?”
“The little decorations.  They had pumpkins on them.”
“Can you tell me anything else about them?”
“How is that not specific enough, young lady?”
At this point, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to laugh or club the old bat in the head so that the poor girl could escape.  I wanted to stick around and listen but half feared that a black hole of absurdity was about to open and swallow us all.  So instead of remaining a spectator, I pushed my cart to the front of the store and checked out, thankful that my source of income isn’t dependant on my dealing with crazy old women on a mission to find random decorations the day after Halloween.  I taught high school for almost ten years, so I’m used to my fair share of nuttiness, but my hat goes off to anyone in retail who can deal with that kind of bizzaro behavior on a daily basis and maintain any semblance of sanity.

30 Days

It seems that I blog more when I have a “challenge” or daily assignment to inspire me.  It’s not that I can't come up with writing topics.  The problem is that I choose ideas that take several days to finish, and I either get busy with other parts of my life or lose steam in the middle of writing.  Despite my embarrassingly low rate of production, I’m actually OVERLY ambitious. 

I’ve noticed several people on Facebook who are doing “30 Days of Thankful.”  I am going to try and join them and develop each “thanks” into a blog post.   When I participated in the “30-Day Challenge” earlier this year, I wrote a great deal about my family and friends.  I don’t want to basically recycle all of my previous blog posts, so please know that I am more thankful for them than anything but I want to keep my writing fresh.  I know in the rush of everyday life that I don’t’ stop to appreciate the small miracles  and circumstances for which I should be thankful.  I’d like to stop each day this month and appreciate those moments more. 
As usual, I will attempt from this becoming too terribly indulgent, though that tends to be the nature of the blogging beast.  I’m already a day behind but should have posts for yesterday and today up by this evening. 
Happy November, everyone!