Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14

I’m not an “extreme” couponer like those featured on TV, but I do like to clip coupons and save a little money.  On Sunday afternoon, I usually organize my coupons, browse the circulars in the paper, inventory my pantry/cabinets, and make a shopping list.  Then I go shopping on Monday before the good deals are gone, snatched up by shoppers who feel the need to buy two dozen toothbrushes or 28 boxes of Ritz crackers.  Today’s trip involved three stores:  Target, Kroger, and Walgreens.   If you have a small child, you probably know how challenging any sort of shopping can be.  Peanut is generally a good girl when we shop; she’s good-natured, friendly to everyone she sees, and rarely cries or whines.  But even when she’s being sweet, she can still be a challenge.  I have to be cautions when I “park” my cart or she’ll grab anything on the shelf that she can reach.  She also likes to play with items in the cart and will sometimes toss them in the floor.  The worst, though, is that she wants to grab at my coupons which often results in her wadding them up, tearing them, or pretending she’s a billy goat and eating them.  It is because of this behavior that I especially dread days like today when I need to make multiple stops. 

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