Thursday, July 19, 2018


Tell the people you love exactly how you feel. As beautiful as the words are, don't rely on "I love you" being enough. 

Tell your children that they are your world, that you'll hold their hand no matter what.  Tell them they're safe and wanted and treasured. 

Tell your spouse or love of your life that he or she is your "forever," the best thing that ever happened to you.  Tell her she's beautiful, inside and out. Tell him you're proud to be at his side. 

Tell your parents "thank you." Make sure they know you understand and appreciate their sacrifices.  Tell them how they've shaped you into the person you are. 

Hug your brothers.  Laugh with you sisters.  Forgive them and ask forgiveness, if need be.  

Your family, your friends, those who fill space in your heart--tell them so.  

This doesn't come easily for all, but speak your love to those you cherish. If nothing else, write it down (and let them read it!)

Don't just say, "I love you."  Say, "I live you."

We aren't promised another breath.  Let your heart speak.  Words heal.  They strengthen.  They comfort.  

Tell them.  Tell the people you love WHY you love them and how their love makes your life better.  And tell them often.  Even if it's "not you" to talk about your it.  

It could change lives, your own included.  

Friday, July 13, 2018

Wives & Husbands

On Sunday, Pastor Marcus Kelley shared some great points about husbands and wives (and I'm paraphrasing this so forgive me if I don't get it all right). He said what most wives want is to know that they are loved and cherished by their husbands. And we don't need to hear it every once in a while or on special occasions. We want to know if you love us and value us TODAY. Men are different. Husbands want to know that their wives respect them. They want us to believe in them and see their strength. (Everything after this is my ramblings, so if I tick anyone off, don't throw fruit at Bro. Marcus--hee hee) 

Now I imagine there are a lot of folks who would struggle with that. Let's be honest--there are wives who aren't especially lovable. And there are husbands who aren't respectable people. 

 Let me talk to the ladies first since I am one. 

 All the time, I see women post, "Well, if he doesn't love me at my worst, he doesn't deserve me at my best!" And it's true that we need to love the good and the bad in people, but it's not a green light to be hateful and flat out unlovable all the time. And I see women post embarrassing and degrading things about their husbands, publically making fun of his mistakes or shortcomings or complaining about him. Women get away with bashing their husbands in ways that would NEVER fly if the roles were reversed. Imagine a man getting online and telling everyone how his wife is always behind on laundry or she can't cook as well as his mom. Or announcing to a group of friends how she gets on his nerves. Lord help the husband who did that! But women do it CONSTANTLY. And then they wonder why he's not more loving or attentive? Men want to be the leader. They want to feel respected. No good will ever come from emasculating them. 

 Now, while you guys are nodding your heads, listen up. If you want to be the leader, BE THE LEADER. If you want to be respected, BE RESPECTABLE. Too often, women try to take control because we are control freaks or we underestimate you. For that, I apologize. But a lot of times, women have to step up because YOU. ARE. NOT. You aren't being the protector. You aren't being the spiritual leader. You aren't setting good examples for your children. It's easy to say women are just hard to please or we're overbearing (because Lord knows some of us ARE), but make sure before you pin it on us that you've seriously evaluated yourself. 

 Martin Luther wrote, "“Let the wife make her husband glad to come home and let him make her sorry to see him leave.” Yes, yes, YES! Wives, if you want your husband to love you, BE LOVABLE. Make him want to come home to you. I'm not talking about your housework. I'm talking about YOU. Make him look forward to being with you. And men, don't do things that make her want you out of the house! Don't be an overgrown child she's raising! Be the man she needs. And both of you, be kind to one another. If you have kids, they are watching! If you don't have kids, the world is watching. And if you're Christians, your marriage is part of your witness. 

Going back to Bro. Marcus's sermon for a minute. He said something along the lines of, "You show me a courageous, man of God and more often than not, he has a wife who prays for and encourages him." 

 Wives, pray for your husband. And husbands, pray for your wives. Go the next step and pray WITH your wives. What an incredible way to build intimacy. On more than one occasion, I've heard people talk about how it's hard to stay upset if you're praying together. 

 I don't say any of this from a high horse or a soap box. As a wife, I KNOW I get more wrong than I do right. I fail every day. Every. Single. Day. And before someone accuses me of passive-aggressively bashing my own husband with this post, that's not my intention at all. This was just what was on my heart to share for all husbands and wives. It wasn't directed at anyone in particular (except myself).

Sunday, July 8, 2018

My Brook Ran Dry

(Until I have some new stuff to share, here are some recent Facebook posts)

Every Sunday, I go home and "chew" on the sermon.  It's like a big wad of gum from which I am determined to get every ounce of flavor (I know that may sound kind of gross, especially when I'm talking about a sermon, but go with it, okay?  ha ha).   Here's what I took from the message today:  

God provided Elijah  food and a brook during a time of drought.  Then the brook dried up.  God could have kept the brook flowing, but He didn't because it was time for Elijah to move on.  Elijah had things to do, people to see, a kid to raise from the dead.  God had big plans for Elijah that weren't going to get accomplished while he was camped out beside the brook.  

God provides us our own brooks during time of drought.  He brings blessings and opportunities during our time of need.  And then sometimes, He takes them away.  It's easy to feel like we've been abandoned or forgotten or that God is punishing us in some way because He blessed and stopped.  But sometimes God has something bigger and better.  He provided that brook during our time of need, but He never intended us to stay at the brook.  And if you're stubborn like me, you're prone to staying where you're comfortable, even when you feel God nudging you to move away from the brook. So what does God do?  He dries up the brook and MAKES me move on.  He makes depending on Him my ONLY option.

I wrote recently that I struggle with giving my problems to God.  I also struggle with giving beginnings and endings to God.  I'm the one digging in the brook, looking for that last drop of water. 
BUT I'm getting better.  I'm learning to hand my worries over.  I'm learning to lean not on own understanding.  I'm learning that God's will IS going to be done and that I have to CHILL OUT.  

The preacher shared a quote this morning from A.W. Tozer.  He said, “It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply.”  Sometimes our brook is going to dry up.  It's may hurt.  It may be terrifying.  It may last way longer than we think we can survive.  But God dries up those brooks to push us toward new opportunities, to prepare us for the blessings in store.  Often people don't appreciate their blessings if they've never known hardship.  Some of the most incredible testimonies begin during times of drought in our lives.  

There are brooks in my life that are dry.  I can keep camping here, trying to fill them with tears or buckets of water I drag in from elsewhere.  Or I can pack up my camp and step out in faith, knowing God will provide but that it may be in a way I couldn't foresee.  

If God has provided a brook in your life, don't forget to praise Him.  It's so easy to take credit for our accomplishments and blessings, but every good and perfect gift is from Him.  If you're sitting beside a dry brook, don't lose hope.  God wants to meet your needs.  Remember, He provided that brook, that opportunity.  He hasn't forgotten you.  But you have to do your part.  Get up and get out.  He can't lead you when you're sitting on your bottom beside a dried up brook.

Monday, July 2, 2018

Coming Home

It's been four years since I've posted here.  I abandoned this page for awhile  So much of my "old life" is here--it almost felt haunted.  I tried to start a new blog, but my heart wasn't in it.  I've written very little lately with the exception of a few things on Facebook.  But I miss writing and this was always my "home" for my thoughts and ideas.  So I'm back. I've cleaned house and tidied up a bit, and now I'm ready to continue.  I'm not the same person I was when I started this blog or even the person I was four years ago when I left it.  I'm not even the same person I was a week ago.  But I  should have something here for everyone.  Just keep reading.  

To the new folks, welcome.

To the old folks, welcome back.