Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15

Today I am thankful for my sweet, funny, gorgeous friend Sheree who kept me from having to drive to Walmart in the cold rain with a sniffly toddler to pick up ONE item.   She saw my status on Facebook about needing to buy one-piece, footed pajamas with a zipper.  Someone had left a comment that Wal-Mart carries them.  Peanut’s nose has been running and she’s been kind of fussy today, so I hated the thought of dragging her to Wal-Mart in the freezing rain.   I needed the pajamas this evening (long story) so that unfortunately looked like my only option.  But without me asking, Sheree not only checked on the pajamas, but also bought and delivered them to my house!  I’m going to have Peanut write her a nice “thank you” note.  Okay, I’ll write it, but I’ll let Little Bit carry it around and wipe her loving all over it  :)  

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Sheree said...

I felt the luv all over that "thank you" note!