Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November 16

Yesterday I talked about needing one-piece, footed pajamas for my Peanut.  Without going into detail, I needed them  because I had to apply medicine to her entire little body (even her hands) and then cover her for eight hours.  I actually sewed gloves into her pajamas so that she wouldn’t get the medicine in her mouth (it was that or duct tape and I didn’t trust her not to rip off the duct tape and eat it).  All day yesterday I was a nervous wreck every time I thought about what I’d have to last night.  Peanut is prone to flopping around like a fish and/or running away when I try to change her diaper or put butt paste on a diaper rash.  In my head I could picture her Daddy and I having to hold her down while we rubbed in the medicine.  I was convinced she would fight us while we put her pajamas on and that she would tear at the gloves.   I spent most of the day cuddling her and apologizing in advance for the trauma we would both have to experience.  So today I am thankful to say that everything when very well last night.  Peanut took her bath early and didn’t try to run from me when I took her to her bedroom.  She say relatively still while I rubbed on her medicine, and her Daddy only had to hold her hands for me.  She actually seemed to like her pajamas.  Even the gloves didn’t faze her—she acted like she didn’t even notice them!  She played for awhile and then climbed up on the couch to watch a little Yo Gabba Gabba with us.  She slept all night long and didn’t get up until close to 10:00 this morning!   I guess it was silly to get so worked up, but even changing her diaper can be enough to make me start drinking again.  I am so thankful that she handled it like a champ.  Love that baby girl.  

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