Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17

My bestie and I see each other all time, but it is usually when we have anywhere between two and four kids with us.   We enjoy our time together and with the kids, but sometimes it’s so nice to have girl time that doesn’t involve sippy cups, time-outs, and dirty diapers.  Back in August, Tiffy’s husband bought her two tickets to see one of her favorite singer/songwriters, Chris Tomlin.  Since her hubby isn’t a big fan of Chris, I got to go with her to the concert tonight.  We had a yummy dinner at Huey’s (seriously my favorite burger ever) and then had a great night of singing and fun.  I am so thankful that we had this night together and hope our next night out doesn’t take so long to arrive.  People always talk about needing “us” time with spouses, but our friendships need that nurturing, too, especially once we have children and focus our time and energy on them.   I love my bestie and am so thankful for her!

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