Wednesday, November 23, 2011

November 23

This may be kind of "rambly" because I'm functioning on virtually NEGATIVE sleep.

So I mentioned last night that I hit my head while out with my friends.  It was kind of embarrassing, so I didn't tell the whole story.  Basically, I was laughing and cutting up and I rocked forward.  I slammed my head into plastic tea glass on the table.  The glass didn't tip over, though, it just stopped my head very quickly.  When it happened, I saw stars for a moment and my head was almost immediately sore.  It passed, though, and I went home with the beginnings of a nice little knot.  

A few hours later, I started getting a terrible headache on the side of my head closest to the "point of impact."  It wasn't one of my usual headaches, and John was concerned that I could have given myself a concussion.  He talked me into going to the ER and getting checked out.  The problem was that it was 1 AM, and there was NO WAY I was dragging Peanut out of the bed and taking her to the ER.  He suggested calling my mom, but she was sick.  He suggested calling his mom, but she lives an hour away and it was the middle of the night.  We finally decided that he would stay here with Amelia and get a little rest (he had to work today) and I would ask my brother to drive me to the ER.  My brother--the dear he is--agreed and was at my house in less than 15 minutes.

We got the ER and there was almost no one there unless you counted the half dozen cops buzzing around the waiting area and parking lot.   It took awhile for the nurses to call me back to triage, and it was there I learned that a gunshot victim had been brought in shortly before I arrived.  They assured me I was safe (not that I was worried) and told me it would be best if I sit off in the corner by myself to "stay out of the mess."  I wasn't sure what they meant until the gunshot dude's "entourage" arrived at the hospital.  They had all come from a bar and were riled up about their friend.  

I ended up not having to wait for long.  Once I got to my room and explained what happened (totally awkward), the doctor told me I "could have just gone to sleep at home" but told me she would order a CT scan since she realized "it was the only way any of us would actually get any rest."  She didn't say this in a supportive or comforting way.  More like a "why are you people wasting my time" way.  Whatever.  

I spent my time waiting chatting with my brother who made me feel better and helped take my mind off my headache (and how exhausted I was).  They finally did the CT and then I waited awhile longer (I fell asleep at some point).  

Not that many new pictures of us
and this is much cuter :)
They looked at my head and discovered that (A) I have a brain and (B) it was okay.  The doctor then asked me if I wanted something for pain, but I told her "no" since I refused to let her think I was there seeking.  Then she insisted on giving me something to take before I left.  I finally told her to do whatever she thought best, so she had the nurse give me a fioricet in one of those little ketchup cups.  She also gave me a prescription for more fioricet.  No idea why when I said I didn't need them.  

I got back home 2 1/2 hours later, not bad for a trip to the ER right around the holidays.  I finally went to bed this morning at about 5:00 AM and managed to get a few hours of sleep before Peanut woke up.  I feel like crap today, but at least I know my head is okay.

Today I'm thankful for my mostly functioning brain and my awesome brother.  He drove me to the ER, stayed with me, and seemed happy to do it.  Made this crappy night much less crappy.  

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