Monday, February 23, 2009

Eyes Sewn Shut (Part Ten)

Lora and Felicia still hung out occasionally, but the roommate was once again spending a majority of her time with Jason. Lora just didn’t think she could start over again. Finding a best friend was both physically and emotionally exhausting. Keeping one was almost impossible.

Lora decided that she had to get Felicia back. The question was how? She seemed more in love than ever, and Jason was going out of his way to prove his worth as a boyfriend.

It was another Tuesday evening when inspiration struck Lora. If Jason were out of the picture, Felicia and Lora could be friends again. Maybe best friends. But how could she separate the couple?

Lora flipped over to the Soap Network for ideas. Young and the Restless.

Perfect, she thought.

By the end of the hour, she had three ideas: she could murder him, kidnap him and hold him hostage or frame him.

Only one of those will work, she said to herself. I’m not that desperate yet.

Lora mapped out her plan to frame Jason, to make Felicia believe that he was cheating on her again. This time, though, it wouldn’t be a drunken night of making out with a co-ed in the back of a bar. Nope, this time Jason was going to do the deed… or at least that’s what Felicia would think.

After two hours of thought, Lora’s plan was set. She would wait until Felicia and Jason were out of his apartment on a date. It would all be too easy.

(Conclusion tomorrow)

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