Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day Three: Men of Mayhem

I'm kind of thankful that Day Three of the "30-Day Challenge" is something easy.  Day 1 was tiring and Day 2 was emotional.  I needed a brain dead day.  Today's challenge is to post a picture of the cast of my favorite television show.  If you know me very well, then you probably know I like to watch television.  Over the years I've had many favorite shows, all with fantastic casts.  Even though I'm a writer, I can sometimes forgive mediocre writing if the characters are strong.  But when the writing and the cast is stellar, I'm a happy girl.  The only problem I had with this challenge is deciding if I want to go with my all time favorite or current favorite.  Since I'm limited on time today, I decided to go with current favorite--Sons of Anarchy.

I know quite a few people who refuse to take this show seriously and watch it.  They're missing out an hour of killer (often literally) television every week.  Even though we have a DVR, John and I plan our Tuesday night around SOA.  On the Tuesday's he has to work late, we're torn between staying up and watching it when he gets home at 11:30 or waiting until the next day.  I am crazy about this show--the writing, the cast, the music, even their crazy creator and paterfamilias Kurt Sutter who pulls quadruple duty as writer, executive producer, occasional director and actor on the show (he plays Otto). 

I couldn't find a picture that had the entire cast (in character), so I saved some pictures of cast members and used Walgreens's website to throw together a collage.   Now I'm all atwitter about Season 4 which doesn't premiere for SEVEN MONTHS. 

Oh well, at least I have someone else to keep me company these next few months.  Hello there, Marshal Givens.

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