Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Woman Scorned

Unless you've been hiding under a futon, you know that John Edwards had an affair a few years ago. I wasn't surprised to hear about it (a politician cheating being a shock?), though I was disappointed. I remember watching Elizabeth and John stand together at a press conference in 2007 when she announced her cancer had returned. It was obvious that Edwards was heartbroken about his wife's diagnosis. But Elizabeth was adamant that her husband continue his campaign. And though I'm sure there was a certain amount of self-serving in her sacrifice, she couldn't have been more sincere in her encouragement of him. In a world of reality TV that's anything but real, it was a very touching, very real moment. I admit I thought, "Wow, they are truly in love." It blows my mind now to know that at the time of the press conference, she hadn't had even a full year to deal with her husband's indiscretion.

Now, Elizabeth Edwards is being attacked by many for not disclosing her husband's affair to the media. She's being accused of "covering up" his affair to further both his career and her own. Again, I'm sure there was the fear of the affair being public knowledge, especially with Edwards running for President. But I can't understand anyone justifying an attack on a woman who chose not to blab about her husband's infidelity to the press. They've been married for over 30 years and have had four children (they lost a teenage son in a car accident several years ago). I know that his confession devastated her. But she chose to stay, to keep her family together and forgive her husband. I cannot imagine how difficult that was for her, how hurt and humiliated she must have been. And it's hard enough to repair a broken marriage in private. How in the world can any marriage survive being publicly dragged through the mud?

These Democrats who are attacking her need to back the eff off. Seriously. I'm not defending John Edward's actions, but I defending her reaction. Yes, he committed adultery. Yes, it was completely immoral. Yes, he was stupid to think it wouldn't come out eventually. But it is not Elizabeth's responsibility to get up in front of a camera and tell the world that her husband cheated. For God's sake, leave this woman alone. She's been through enough.

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David C said...

Amen sister!