Saturday, October 4, 2008

Question ask my feature baby daddy (with corrections)

1. did you kiss dad lil girl
2. did dat girl SICK your dick
3. do u want to be with me
4. how me people u cheat on me
5. with other wise then y-vette
6. do u really love me
7. have u every give me any kind of disease
8. do u think we should keep dis relationship
9. do u do me the way do cause u kno dat am gon to deal with it
10. why do u do things to hurt me
11. why u can't be faithful to me
12. the biggest ? is do u rellay love me I know I already ask
13. have you ever lied to me about sum
14. the day I was cry when we stop talk did u care or u was think wat the hell she cry for

This is an actual letter found at my school. The students have started numbering their letters, which makes everything look like a list even though the numbers mean nothing. All of the "spelling" has been kept in tact, including "feature baby daddy."

And I have to teach these kids have to write essays?

1 comment:

me said...

1. fo sho
2. fo shizzle
3. sho
4. fo
5. ??
6. sho
7. the her pees
8. sho dat
9. sho
10. fo-teen inches
11. fo-teen inches
12. sho
13. sho
14. fo-teen inches