Saturday, January 31, 2009

My two cents...

I'm sure you've all heard--to great extent--about the woman who now has FOURTEEN kids. If not, here's the quick and dirty version: a woman (who may or may not be married but lives with her parents) has six kids, ages 2-7. She then has OCTUPLETS! This has become a huge debate on ethics on the talking-head news shows and the blogworld. I'm not going to rant, because there's not much left to be said that hasn't been said and re-said. I guess the one issue I can't get past is WHY people can just have baby after baby without anyone checking them out. You almost have to maim a child before anyone TRULY gets involved and checks you out as a parent. I don't get it. Let's say I want to ADOPT a child. I have to prove I'm fit to be a parent, that I am emotionally, physically and financially able to care for a child. And that's a GOOD THING. But what if I want to have, oh I don't know, a dozen or more kids??? Shouldn't someone make sure I have the money to take care of those kids? Enough beds for them to sleep in? Common sense to properly care for them? Healthy mental state so that I don't chain them to a bedpost or drown them in the bathtub? (I know that's harsh, but seriously, it happens!). I just don't get it. And it doesn't take long in my career to see the products of poor parenting, even if there's only one kid. I hate to say it, but I'm getting to the point where I'm not joking when I say everyone shouldn't be allowed to reproduce. I'm not saying you have to be smart or rich to be a parent, but how about being loving and decent and possessing at least a few ounces of common sense?

I'm done now. Said I wasn't going to rant.

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Lee and Anna May said...

I've been following that story's crazy. Sad part is--us as taxpayers will pay for those 14 kids for the next 18 years of their life. Someone needs to stop that woman.