Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day... FACEBOOK STYLE!!! (Updated)

I've been hooked on CNN all day. Now I'm home and I'm hooked on CNN and Facebook. The status updates are coming fast and furious, and I'm sure you can guess the topic. Yep, President Obama's inauguration. I'm keeping a running list of all the different statuses. I guess I should ask to use these, but since they're all going to be anonymous, I'm going to hope none of you mind.

I'll start with mine: "Amber says 'Happy Birthday, Momma!' and 'Congratulations, Obama!' (Read it out loud. It rhymes. Hee hee)"

Here are the rest. I'll be adding to this periodically. All spelling and grammar has been preserved, even if it kills me.


…is lettin everyone know, "IT'S OFFICIAL... OBAMA IS IN THERE LIKE SWIMWEAR!!!"

...wants to know, "Do you smell what Barack is cooking?"

...is saying "folks he is just a man our real Savior is Jesus Christ!!!!

...is emotional as Obama takes office. What a special day.

...wants to ask Obama "How it feel to wake up and be the shit and the urine?!"

...is thinking that O Bama cannot speak without a telepromter... how is this going to work?

...is sick and tired of the "history making day"... I think I am going to go pray my beads for this country!

...witnessed history through tears, joy, and excitement.

...wants people to realize who is truly in control of our country, thats our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!

...is congratulating Obama.

...is "Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is NO power but of GOD the powers that be ordained of GOD!!!

...now get in there, shut down gitmo, withdraw the troops, and get detroit in line, Mr. President.

...is wanting people to realize that he is our President, not Jesus Christ. Oh and did you see him when he had to talk on the spot... Not good.


...is watching the inauguration with a trembling heart.

...finds it interesting that my kids will read about today in their history classes.

...is Praying for our new President.....GOD BLESS AMERICA !

...is praying that this great nation soon realizes that what we need is God not "so called change"!!!!!

...thinks the new president is sexiness and that feels weird.


gregindepth said...

I sat reading many of these yesterday completely enthralled. Its amazing what people will say and do on the internet. Yesterday was historic, yes. That part of it was great to see. You and I both know, however, the election of an African American President has not cured all that ailes this country where race is concerned. My greatest problem is that many did vote on racial lines and have absolutely no clue what this President stands for, except maybe "hope and change". If anything this election I think proves we have much, much farther to go than what many want to admit too.

Was yesterday a great day for America? In many respects, yes. I pray that those yeses far out weigh the nos in the long run.

At any rate, may God bless our President and most certainly, May God Bless our country!

Pharmommy said...

Hilarious. I sort of refused to get involved in the whole political chat on Facebook (are we linked btw?). I just thought it was neat that indeed ANYone can now be President... not just your old crusty white dude types.

But isn't that exactly the reverse of the same has been fighting for? Not electing someone for their skin or youth, etc... but their actual abilities? That's what I found the most ironic. If it is irony... people commenting that change and hope were going to happen. When you ask the same (I'm being too general I know) why they are voting for Obama it was because he was different. He wasn't a Washington DC type. He represented hope, etc...

Now I'm just sitting back and watching (and taking notes of course) at who he has appointed - Washington DC types - what he has passed - a stimulus plan that our future generations will pay for but who cares, we'll be gone right? -

I'm cynical I guess. I hope he proves me wrong. I really do! That would be awesome.

As for those that are Christians and get really bent out of shape comparing Obama to the antichrist, etc... or that we herald him as Jesus... that's simply not true.

We've already established the antichrist is probably Oprah. J/K.

Oh wait... maybe it's all about the "O"... Oprah and Obama.