Friday, January 16, 2009

Sea kittens?

Just a heads up... this is going to be "rambley" because part of my brain leaked out of my ears after reading the article about PETA's new push to make us all "better" people.

Ashley Byrne, a PETA member who has a history of taking her clothes off in public to "raise awareness," has launched a new campaign to have fish renamed "sea kittens."

I'll let that sink in for a moment.


Her theory is that people will stop eating fish if they associate it with something cute and cuddly like a kitten. The campaign specifically targets kids, asking them to keep daddy from killing the little fish.


Okay, look, don't get me wrong. I love animals. I do. I can actually say that I would like to reach a point in my life that I don't eat meat because I really do hate the idea of eating something that was living. The problem is that I LIKE MEAT and I have a hard time resisting it. (I don't, however, buy leather, down or anything that came from an animal if there is a man-made alternative). I respect that some people actually have the will power to fore go meat. And I support their right to share their opinions as long as they are not obnoxious or completely lacking LOGIC in the process.

SEA KITTENS??????????????????????

This doesn't even make sense. I keep expecting Andy Samberg to pop up on the website and tell me it's actually a digital short. Speaking of the website, it's just plain embarrassing (anyone feel like building a personalized sea kitten?)

You know what burns me up most? These eff-tards at PETA spend time on campaigns like "sea kittens" and convincing Ben and Jerry's to use breast milk in their ice cream; however, when animal control seized Michael Vick's dogs from his compound, PETA demanded that the dogs be euthanized immediately, claiming the dogs would never have any kind of normal life. But guess what? While some of those dogs are possibly irrevocably scarred, quite a few of are doing well. A half dozen are either certified therapy dogs or are completing the training to be. A half dozen more received Canine Good Citizen certificates after passing the American Kennel Club's tests. Others have become cherished family dogs. (For more about these dogs, read SI's wonderful article:

Yes, I love animals, but I have no love for PETA. Years and years ago, I used to try to take the good with the bad, ignoring the craziness and embracing their supposed core cause. But I can't anymore. The whole bunch is rotten.

Sea kittens my ass.

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