Friday, February 27, 2009

Presidential Double Standard

When President Bush was in office, those few die hard fans who still swore he was a capable, Godly president would become terribly offended when anyone spoke ill of him. They insisted that he was the President of our country and that he should be respected. They would chide those who criticized the president or made fun of him. In a way, I get that. While I do believe it is our right to speak out against our leaders when we don't agree, there is a certain amount of respect that is due the leader of our country. This was a fairly hot topic with talking heads on cable news after the Iraqi man chucked a shoe at Bush's head. It's one thing not to like Bush; it's another to laugh when a foreigner lobs a shoe at the head of our country's Commander-in-Chief. Now, does that mean I haven't been guilty of making fun of our former president? No. I'm just saying I see their point.

The point, though, is that these same people who were appalled that anyone could treat our President with so much disrespect are now doing the exact same thing to Obama. They aren't merely criticizing his policies or decisions; they are acting like overgrown kids on the playground. They call him absolutely ridiculous, inane names (Sham Wow Obama, anyone?), they forward me insulting jokes and cartoons, and they generally talk about him like he's some guy next door. Now, does it bother me? Do I think they should stop? I'm not saying that. I'm just saying play by your own dang rules. I personally don't get offended if you criticize the President (as long as you aren't offensive in doing it. if you know what I mean). What I'm saying is that if you really think the President of the United States deserves the respect of his people--as you did with Bush--then respect our current president. You don't have to like him, you don't have to like his policies. But don't commit the same offense that you chided others over during the past eight years.

C'mon... Sham Wow???


Dekonstruct said...

I noticed this too. I was surprised when I did a google search for sham wow that they were calling obama that. I think it's a case of people saying whatever justifies their actions. Now if only I could figure out why those actions are their actions.

Anonymous said...

If you want to be the president, then come on in and join the human collective. Yes, you too, can and will be made fun of.

I personally have never liked it when Rush Limbaugh made fun of Clinton jogging to McDonald's (although that did belie a bit of indecisiveness :) ) when he has a bit of a density problem himself. I have never been into insulting the president and I don't feel this one is any more deserving of my disdain and ridicule than the last 40 or so.