Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Amelia asked if I would help her write a blog about her daddy since this is his very first Father's Day.  We worked very hard on this and hope he enjoys reading it (as well as all of you).

My Daddy & Me

This is the first picture of Daddy and me together.   I wish I knew why he was crying.  I only cry when I'm sad or mad or if I'm getting a new tooth.  Mommy says he's crying because he's so happy and that someday I'll understand.  She also said that this is her very favorite picture and that it will be my favorite picture in the world when I'm a big girl. 

Now THIS looks more like the Daddy I know.  He sure does smile a lot when we're hanging out.  He looks like he's having fun here, but I can't imagine why.  I'm just lying there like a lump.  Mommy says that it makes Daddy happy when he holds me.  I guess so, but I personally think I'm a lot more fun now that I'm crawling and pilfering all the time.  Who wants to hold a little bitty baby when they can chase me all over the house?  It's not rocket science.   Anyway, I sure am glad to see him smiling!

This was my first birthday with Daddy (he turned 30) AND it was my first UT game. I'm even wearing orange like Daddy!  Mommy tells me that it doesn't matter how I look in orange that I have to wear it anyway because the Vols are Daddy's favorite team.  I have no idea what a "Vol" is yet but Daddy sure does get excited when he watches them.  He yells a lot and jumps up and down (Pappy does, too!)  Mommy said he used to be louder but he's learned to be quieter since I have little ears.
When I'm older, Mommy said Daddy will teach me all about football and I can be his little cheerleader.  And Mommy is going to teach me all the verses to "Rocky Top."  I don't know what all this means yet, but I know it will be fun if I'm getting to spend time with Daddy.

Sometimes Mommy and I go to see Daddy at lunch.  It is so much better than sitting at home and watching Mommy eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (especially since she won't share!)   Mommy says that Daddy works hard so that she can stay home and take care of me.  I like having Mommy at home, but I miss Daddy while he's at work.  Sometimes he has to work late and we don't get to play as much when he gets home, so it's nice when we can go and visit him at lunch.  He's always so excited to see me and it makes me so happy!  He gives me lots of kisses and loves on me.  I wish lunch time with Daddy could last aaaaaallllll day!

This is Daddy and me on my very first Thanksgiving.  It was kind of a bust since I couldn't eat any of the yummy food everyone cooked.  Mommy says Thanksgiving is when we think about all the things God has given us.  I think Thanksgiving should be every day because I'm always thankful for my Daddy.  Even if he's tired when he comes home from work, he always plays with me.  He helps Mommy at bedtime by running my bath or making me a bottle or putting my pajamas on me.  Life sure is easier with Daddy around.  And it's lots of fun, too!  Daddy makes funny faces and noises at me to make me laugh--and it works!  Mommy said Daddy makes her laugh, too, and that's one of the reasons she fell in love with him.

Christmas is awesome.   Not as awesome as my Daddy, but it was pretty cool.  Everywhere I went, people gave me colorful paper and tissue to rip apart and chew on.  It was glorious.  (There was also some stuff in the paper, I think.)       This is a picture of Daddy helping me open a present from somebody named Santa.  I kept insisting that I could do it by myself, but Daddy helped because that's what Daddy does.  He helps me all the time.  I don't know what I would do without him.  Sometimes he looks kind of sad when I do things by myself, but I hope he knows that there will always be something I need him to teach me or help me do.  Mommy says I'll never outgrow Daddy, no matter how big or smart I get.  She said Daddy will always be here to help me.  Daddy must really love me!

Mommy says this was my first snow.  She says that someday I'll get really excited about snow because I won't have to go to school (I have no idea what any of that means yet).  I also don't know why I'm dressed like a polar bear.  Mommy says the snow is really cold and that's why Daddy is holding me so close.  He wants to keep me warm and cozy.  Mommy says Daddy would do anything to keep me warm and cozy and safe and happy.  She says that I'm very lucky to have a Daddy who cares for me so much because some babies don't have a Daddy who wants them to be warm and cozy and safe and happy.  I feel sad for those babies.  I wish I could share my Daddy with them.  He's the best Daddy.


Look at how happy we are!  Daddy and I have so much fun when we're together.  I love him soooo much!

I love going new places with Daddy.  It's always an adventure.  This was our first trip to the park.  It was a little chilly, but Daddy made sure my ears stayed covered under my hat.  Even going old places is fun with Daddy.  I like when he goes to the grocery store with Mommy and me.  Mommy is no fun.  She won't let me play with her coupons or eat her grocery list.  It's much better when Daddy goes because he can talk to me and entertain me while Mommy shops.  Mommy said she's happier when Daddy goes, too, because he can "look after the billy goat."  I hope I get to see the goat next time we're at Kroger!

Mommy says I look like my Daddy.  She says our eyes squinch up the same way when we smile and that we when we laugh, it takes over our whole body.  She says we both scrunch up our eyebrows the same way when we're mad or irritated.  She says she hopes I have Daddy's red hair.  She also hopes that I'm smart like my Daddy.  Mommy says he is very, very smart.  She says he's also very kind and has a big heart.   Mommy sure does love Daddy, and she talks about him all the time.  She says I'm a little piece of him and that makes me even sweeter.   As much as I love Daddy, I think Mommy loves him more.  She sure is crazy about him.  Daddy calls us "his girls" and that's what we are!

One time, it had been stormy for days. We had to go to the storm shelter every night.  It had been very stressful, especially for Mommy.  Daddy decided we needed some family time together in the SUNSHINE!  He took off work and took Mommy and me to the zoo!  It was so much fun! Daddy made sure I saw all of the animals and helped me ride the panda on the carousel.  My Daddy has the best ideas!   

I'm not really supposed to play with that plastic thing on the orange rope, but sometimes Daddy lets me.  Mommy says it's because it makes him happy when I smile.   Daddy makes me smile all the time so he must be really happy!

I've only known my Daddy for a little over ten months, but I already love him with all my heart!  Mommy says I am a lucky little girl because I have such a wonderful Daddy.  But she tells me that there will be times when I'm older that I will get mad at him because he will not let me do something I want to do. She said that everything he does will be because he loves me, though, and he wants me to stay safe and grow up strong and healthy and happy.  She says that I must always remember that my Daddy loves me--even if he doesn't let me have my way.  She says that being a Daddy is wonderful but it can be hard sometimes.  I just don't believe that, though, because my Daddy makes it look so easy!  I just can't imagine ever being upset with Daddy.  He is my hero!  He takes care of me and he plays with me and he loves me so much.  

Mommy says that we are celebrating Father's Day.  She says it's Daddy's special day.   She helped me write this blog to tell Daddy how special he is and how much I love him.  But you know what?  I think my Daddy is special every day.  And I hope that he knows that I am so blessed to call him my Daddy.  

I love you, Daddy.  Thank you for all you do for me and Mommy.  Happy Father's Day!


John said...

Thank you so much mommy and Amelia!! I'm the luckiest dad/ husband in the world. I'm so blessed to have my girls. Every day that I spend with my family is a special day. I love you both so much.

P.S. I've the most accomplished ten month old writer and she has an awesome editor.

Gigi Guthrie said...

Awesome! Made Granddaddy and me both tear up!